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We manufacture and export your worldwide demand of threaded rods.

"In any type of construction, a connection is the basic element of safety."

Your task is to fulfill the customer requirements; you need a threaded rod as an indispensable connecting element between a structure and construction.

At the same time that quality according to the standards is obviously one of the basics; your goal is to deliver just-in-time and to be able to rely on a partner who can handle your demand. Your project cannot fail due to insufficient delivery times. Meet BOMET your supplier. 

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Large Stocks

Extreme large stock for any demand and worldwide shipment.

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Quality label

Quality according DIN976-1, assured 60o top angle.

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Since 1981

Experienced worldwide partner.

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Short delivery times

Due to large stocks we reduce production times.

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Dangerous threaded rods

The invention of the Chinese to make threaded rods cheaper. According the norm DIN976-1 the top angle should be 60 degrees. What happend when you reduce the thread angle? The core diameter become smaller, outer diameter remains the same. A huge reduction of weight of steel! In europe this was a big problem just after the economic crisis. Still you see a lot of inferior thread angles in Europe, Africa, USA, Middle East and Far East. The more price sensitive the market, the bigger risks are take into quality. 

But have you ever thought about the consequences this makes to the standard DIN976-1? The change of the topangle is a very dangerous decision. We have received various collapsed constructions over the years, mainly due to the inferior thread angle. Simply the nut is ripped of the core of the rod. So weak! 

Watch this video to learn more about the difference this makes in the strenght of the threaded rod!

With BOMET you are assured about our quality standard! 

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Bodegraven 40th anniversary
18 February

Bodegraven 40th anniversary

Super proud of the joint effort by our employees and suppliers, which has allowed us at Bodegraven Metaal, to keep up the highest standard as leading manufactures of threaded rods our customers have relied on over the past forty years. 

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Customised length
18 November

Customised length

When timing or smaller quantities are critical, then cutting to length is the most efficient way. 

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Bad shape of the thread
16 June

Bad shape of the thread

The invention of the chinese to make threaded rods much cheaper. But have you ever thought about the difference this makes to the standard the DIN976-1?

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