Bad shape of the thread

In Europe there has been a change since the last 2 years. The knowledge of dangerous threaded rods has been increased and the volume of this is slowly reducing. Specially the larger players in the EU are aware of the danger. The smaller players keep looking for the cheapest price with result the shape of the thread is modified to reduce the weight of steel. What result in lower possible prices. This week we had a same situation with a spanish wholesaler. Largest in the spanish market, and what happend? They purchase 50 degree topangle which result in dangerous fixings, the thread will be easily ripped of the rod. Please consider in your purchasing that you are sure about the quality.  

An easy test to know if the thread has been modified is just weight the rods. You just purchase less steel. The change of the topangle is a very dangerous decision. Please send your comments to:

Threaded rods difference between 60 and inferior 50 degree



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