"Project lenght studs reduces assembling time on the jobsite."

Customised project lengths

We know that hardly never threaded rods are used on one, two or three metre lengths. Sometimes you know the exact specified length, project requirement and delivery time. You must have enough stock for all sizes to ensure a short delivery time and you need equipment and skilled people to make the rods to the required length.

We have invested in fully automated machines and trained people with the needed skills. And we have stock that cannot be equalled by any wholesale. Why should you invest in high stock levels, people and machines? What is your core business?

There are two ways to produce project length threaded rods: if the delivery time can be a few weeks, then rolling the thread to the required length is the preferred option since this is the most cost-efficient way. Or when timing is critical or special grades are required in smaller quantities, for example, 500 pcs, then cutting to length is the most efficient way.

We are equipped with height automated machines to run different orders at once. Your project, our project.

Please contact us for the possibilities.



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