Manufacturer since 1981 of threaded rods.

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Bodegraven Metaal N.V. located since 1981 in Lommel - Belgium is specialised in the production of threaded rods DIN 976-1 and associated products. These threaded rods are exported over the whole of Europe and further.

A production site of total 31.000 m² and a motivated staff of 35, give us an excellent position to supply our range of threaded rods to the international customer base. Highly automated machines ensure reliable quality and deliverytimes.

Since our founding in 1981 we have shown a steady growth, and, together with the support of our customers, have achieved a leading position in the European market. 

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Bodegraven-Metaal n.v./s.a.
I.Z. Maatheide 106,  B-3920 Lommel 1070

Tel: + 32 (0) 11 55 91 10


Belgium - United Kingdom - Italy - Dubai

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